The Kindergarten “Am Schloss Gehrden” says “Thank you”

Gehrden (right). There was great joy among the children and educators of the kindergarten “Am Schloss” in Gehrden about the great donations in kind from the castle Gehrden. The owner of the castle and his team donated crates of books, games, painting and handicraft material as well as paper, cardboard and fabrics to their “neighbors”. Even a swinging towel and small sports equipment changed hands. Therefore today a big thank you. The educators emphasize how well you can eat in the castle Gehrden and definitely want to eat there again as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Kaffeeklatsch! Enjoy: gooseberry meringue cake, cheese quark cake, covered apple pie, raspberry sour cream cake (always on offer). All pies and cakes baked after old family recipes with love.

SINCE November 2018: Hotel Schloß Gehrden is Quality host for hiking in Germany. This certificate was awarded by the German Hiking Association. We are equipped with storage facilities for your hiking boots, a drying room, first aid box with blistering patches and tools for tick removal. Here you will find current hiking maps for hire and / or sale. 

NEW: Massages & more! Get to know our physiotherapist Mailin Schwarzwald. More information under Massage.