The castle Gehrden

Founded in 1142 as a Benedictine monastary

defunct as a monastary in 1810

The castle then fell into the hands of Jerome, king of westphalia, Napoleons brother. The “Fürstenzimmer” mit vintage french wallpaper. Legends tell that the castle was home to many vivid parties. Other noble guests included  Ferdinand zu Fürstenberg and Annette von Droste Hülshoff.

The former monastary was then sold to baron Bocholtz of Niesen. He arranged for the demolishment of the norhternmost buildings. Todays restaurant “Brasserie im Kreuzgang” is located in parts of the former cloister of the monastary.

In 1826 the compound was sold to the baron of Sierstorpff, owner of the Spa Driburg.

During the early 1930s

1959 purchase of the remaining buildings by Matthias Heinen from Dortmund.

After 1965 Schloß Gehrden housed the “Familienerholungswerk”, a family retreat run by the church.

Between 2007 and 2008, the former monastary was completely renovated.

Since 1st of June 2017 the 4-star hotel “Hotel Schloß Gehrden GmbH” is under new ownership.